Antiguo Edif. de la Penitenciaria
Dom. Conocido
Hours: 9:00am to 1:00pm (Monday - Friday)


The old state penitentiary, completed in 1907, is unique because it was a jail without bars. Prisoners were allowed to work during the day, but they had to be back at night. Escape attempts were rare, and when someone did, the other prisoners pursued the escapees to bring them back to jail. The Mulegé population lives together in harmony without disdain to other social classes. That's why they are considered some of the best hosts in Baja California Sur.


Mision Santa Rosalia de Mulegé is just upstream from the bridge that carries Highway 1 across the river. Founded in 1706, the mission was completed in 1766, serving an Indian population of 2000 people. The mission has been restored with the help of the Mexican government and functions as a Catholic church. Nearby, rocky steps lead up a hill that affords a bird's-eye view over the oasis. If you walk to the vista point on top of a point of rock located a 100 feet from behind the mission, you can look over a sea of palm trees, a reservoir, and the agricultural area upstream from Mulege.

To reach the mission from town, follow Calle Zaragosa (the longest north-south street in Mulege) south, cross the river on a small bridge under the elevated highway bridge, turn sharply back to the right and follow a dirt road, first through palm groves then up a barren grade to the mission (the towers of the church can be seen while crossing the elevated Hwy.1 bridge and from the highway as you enter the town from the north).




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